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Pixon Sport is a division of Pixon Group, a company with a history in high tech, large format led displays and a passion for sports technologies. With years of successful business building in the sports and media industries, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Matt Rudd, Danny Walk, and Ben Britton founded Pixon Group in 2019 with three operating units, each specialising in a key area.

Pixon Sport leverages Pixon Group's extensive global network and expertise in LED technology, to launch a strategic partnership with ASB Glass Sports Floors. This partnership allows Pixon to represent ASB in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Transforming the stadium experience for athletes, fans & sponsors

Through unique, cutting edge technology in glass flooring and LED, we transform the stadium experience for all.

Fans see more, learn more and become totally immersed in the seamless fusion of performance with enhancement.

Athletes and presenters are supported by a premium surface that provides the best opportunity to perform, train and track.

Venues gain a long life, low maintenance platform with the flexibility to adapt on the fly and flexible promotional opportunities that will  drive new revenue streams.

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