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The most advanced flooring system in the world. Ideal for a sports floor but also for use in any modern building. LED marking lines can be changed on demand. The possibilities for presentation and advertising are more versatile than ever before.

MulitSport Details

  • Glossy or matt

  • Produced in any colour or pattern

  • Equipped with permanent logos under the floor

  • Fitted with LED logos under the floor

  • Illuminated over the whole surfaces or parts of a flooring area

  • Fitted with LED screens for scoreboards or advertising


The floor is certified to the international standard for sports floor, EN14904.  Deflection and friction of the floor achieve equal or better results than conventional sports floors.   The glass is 2.4 times more elastic under human weight than a comparable hardwood board.  Made from tempered safety glass and able to withstand enormous impact. The panels are made from two specially treated glass plates held together by a 1.2 mm PVB safety layer and can be produced to a size larger than 2 x 3 metres.


The combination of the glass surface with burned inceramic dots provide a very long lasting and low maintenance surface.  The same treatment that ensures the dim reflection of the surface also causes scratches to remain invisible. The properties of glass bring the advantage of very low maintenance and cleaning requirements. After many years of usage the surface still maintains its original quality without
visible wear and tear.

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